Quick Guide to Section 508 and 504 Accessibility Lawsuits

The topic of web accessibility related to the US Rehabilitation Act’s Sections 504 and 508 has been in the spotlight lately due to the law suit brought by the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) against Harvard University and MIT. 3PlayMedia offers a comprehensive summary of current web accessibility lawsuits.

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Upcoming Accessibility-related Webinars

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Captioning Resources

The 3 Essential Functions of Your Syllabus, Part 1

Our campus teaching center recently invited a brave group of student tutors to share their views on effective teaching with our faculty. The four tutors reported what they had heard from students about course designs and teaching practices that seemed to help, and ones that seemed to interfere with learning. Three recurrent themes in the tutors’ remarks caught my attention.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Widening Income Gap in Higher Education—and What to Do About It

The good news, according to a research report out on Tuesday is that the college-going gap between students from rich and poor families has narrowed somewhat since 1970. The truly devastating news? The gap in bachelor’s completion by family income has roughly doubled in those years. What’s going on? And what can be done to remedy the problem?


Access and Accessibility of Community College Adjunct Faculty to Professional Development Opportunities

Community colleges serve a wide cross-section of students who enter institutions of higher education. Nearly half (46%) of all undergraduates at institutions of higher education attend community colleges. Thus it is imperative that community college faculty are prepared to teach 21st century college students using technology. Community colleges face the challenge of planning and implementing mentoring activities because about 68% of the faculty members are adjuncts who ‘teach on-the-side.’ Creating a mentorship system and learning environment that is non-threatening and focuses on psychosocial benefits is crucial in creating optimum learning environments. Technology mentoring programs must be appealing, delivered smoothly, and sustainable to appeal to adjunct faculty. Mentoring, as method of professional development was found to be a viable option to improving the access, adoption and practice of integrating technology into teaching and learning in the community college classroom. Why are more colleges not providing professional development opportunities for adjuncts?

Textbooks vs. iBooks and eBooks

Traditional Textbooks vs. iPads

Should iBooks and eBooks replace the traditional heavy textbooks? What are the benefits of replacing textbooks with iBooks or eBooks? Are students willing to use technology to obtain written knowledge on a particular subject? My answer to the aforementioned questions is yes. I think students would be more than willing to replace traditional textbooks with iBooks or eBooks. Some of the benefits include:
· iBooks and eBooks cost less
· iBooks and eBooks weigh less than textbooks
· iBooks and eBooks can be interactive
The link below provides information on students’ willingness to go digital. I think students will be eager to give up textbooks and replace them with technology’s equivalent.