Access and Accessibility of Community College Adjunct Faculty to Professional Development Opportunities

Community colleges serve a wide cross-section of students who enter institutions of higher education. Nearly half (46%) of all undergraduates at institutions of higher education attend community colleges. Thus it is imperative that community college faculty are prepared to teach 21st century college students using technology. Community colleges face the challenge of planning and implementing mentoring activities because about 68% of the faculty members are adjuncts who ‘teach on-the-side.’ Creating a mentorship system and learning environment that is non-threatening and focuses on psychosocial benefits is crucial in creating optimum learning environments. Technology mentoring programs must be appealing, delivered smoothly, and sustainable to appeal to adjunct faculty. Mentoring, as method of professional development was found to be a viable option to improving the access, adoption and practice of integrating technology into teaching and learning in the community college classroom. Why are more colleges not providing professional development opportunities for adjuncts?

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