Turnitin’s 2015 Plagiarism Education Week Webinar Series

Examine how current global trends are affecting our values, especially those related to education, and proposes strategies on how we can address these challenges.  Educational experts, passionate educators, and Turnitin All-Stars will share their perspectives, lessons, and research.  Participate in the conversation: #integrity2015

You can register to watch at ITTC Faculty Center suite 301 by going to our scheduler at https://ittc-web.astate.edu/scheduler/#!classList

For more information about each webinar, visit http://turnitin.com/en_us/resources/plagiarism-education-week.  This link also allows you to register and view the webinar outside of ITTC in case you are unable to join us.

**A misprint on Turnitin’s site shows “A Student-Centered Culture” to be at 1amPT, but it is actually 3pm central time.

If you need more information or help registering, you may contact Valerie Bounds of the ITTC Faculty Center at ittclab@astate.edu or call 870-972-2334.

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