Robert Gagne’s Nine Steps of Instruction: Do’s and Don’ts in E-Learning

In 1985, American educational psychologist Robert Gagne created a nine-step process of instructional design which can guide the process of learning. The process is called ‘The Events of Instruction’ where in each event has a definite purpose of supporting learning and leads to definite outcomes. For more information, read the article at

Quick Guide to Section 508 and 504 Accessibility Lawsuits

The topic of web accessibility related to the US Rehabilitation Act’s Sections 504 and 508 has been in the spotlight lately due to the law suit brought by the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) against Harvard University and MIT. 3PlayMedia offers a comprehensive summary of current web accessibility lawsuits. Read more. Upcoming Accessibility-related Webinars Read more. … Read more

The Widening Income Gap in Higher Education—and What to Do About It

The good news, according to a research report out on Tuesday is that the college-going gap between students from rich and poor families has narrowed somewhat since 1970. The truly devastating news? The gap in bachelor’s completion by family income has roughly doubled in those years. What’s going on? And what can be done to … Read more

Access and Accessibility of Community College Adjunct Faculty to Professional Development Opportunities

Community colleges serve a wide cross-section of students who enter institutions of higher education. Nearly half (46%) of all undergraduates at institutions of higher education attend community colleges. Thus it is imperative that community college faculty are prepared to teach 21st century college students using technology. Community colleges face the challenge of planning and implementing … Read more